On-board computer


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LCD screen

On/off button 🚲

Press ON for a few seconds to switch on the LCD screen. Do the same with the OFF button to turn the screen off. The screen switches off automatically after 5 minutes when the bike is not in use.

Lighting 💡

Press the up arrow until the light indicator appears on your screen. Do the same to turn off your light, it will automatically turn off if you turn off your LCD screen.

Assistance ⚡️

The motor's electric assistance has 5 levels. Level 1 is the lowest level of assistance. Level 0 is the unassisted mode. Press the up or down arrow to raise or lower your level of assistance.

On mode 🚶

Hold down the down arrow. The walk mode symbol will appear, your bike will move forward at a maximum speed of 6 Km/h.

Our electric-assist bicycles do not have a starting assistance.

Reset to zero 🔄

After switching on your LCD screen wait 5 seconds then press the up and down arrows simultaneously. The TM time and DST distance will flash.

Press ON briefly to reset the data.

The LCD screen will automatically return to the home screen after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Screen 2️⃣

Average speed and voltage: briefly press ON to access the second screen.

Screen 3️⃣

Maximum speed and voltage: from screen 2, press ON again.

Screen 3 appears, showing the maximum speed and battery voltage.

Press ON again to return to the home screen.


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Error codes

Error code



Motor fault


Pedalling fault


Motor or controller short-circuit